Los Angeles Patio Cover

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A natural stone or brick patio is a major improvement to your home’s outdoor space to begin with, but even in Southern California, there are days when inclement weather would prevent you from using it. And adding full or partial shade makes your patio or decking more pleasant to use even on “fair weather days.”

There are many important benefits to adding a patio cover/enclosure to your home, including these:

  • You increase the amount of your outdoor living space that can be used in almost all L.A. weather situations. Thus, you get more use out of your patio or outdoor deck space and don’t have to cancel planned events due to foul weather.
  • You add value to your home and can expect a high return on investment if/when you go to resell. And a patio cover/enclosure may also speed up the sale of your for-sale home.
  • A patio cover or enclosure will protect your patio or wood deck from exposure to the elements, thus reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of your patio/deck. That saves you money in the long run.
  • Your outdoor furniture will also be better protected from moisture, wind-blown dust, and UV rays. This can reduce “furniture fade” and make the furniture last longer.
  • A patio cover or enclosure adjacent to a wall of your house with exterior windows can reduce how much heat is getting into your home through those windows, and reduce your energy bill.
  • A cover/enclosure will also provide a good place to grow outdoor potted plants and a suitable location for nursing your garden plants in their earliest weeks before transplanting them.
  • An outdoor patio cover or partial/full enclosure typically costs much less than a room addition or remodeling unused indoor space in the attic or basement. And yet, it can add what almost amounts to a whole new “room” to your home.

Thus, the reasons for adding a patio cover/enclosure may vary and the possible benefits are wide-ranging. At Los Angeles Patio Cover, we can ensure your new outdoor structure will be all you had envisioned it to be and serve well all the functions have planned for it.